G.A.L. "Big Red Book" set for sale, complete

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Mike Kolb
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G.A.L. "Big Red Book" set for sale, complete

Post by Mike Kolb »

Selling my hardbound set (full set of 7) of the G.A.L. "Big Red Book" series. They're in great shape... no missing or dog-eared pages. Some of the book jackets are sun-faded from sitting on a shelf and I've written my name (but small) on the inside first page.

These books have been with me for years. They've been a valuable resource for me both in guitar construction and repair. However, it's that time in my life to part ways and move them along to a fresh, new life on someone else's bench!

I'm selling the set for $1500 (plus shipping) as a unit and can't "break up the band", as being a complete set is where the value seems to be. Vols 1, 6 and 7 are no longer available in print from the G.A.L. This set is cross-listed on Reverb for a higher amount but it's listed here at this price to avoid the Reverb fees, if possible.

The shipping costs via USPS will likely be around $100, since it's a relatively heavy shipment (about 30lbs) and will need to be properly insured. The final determination will be, of course, where they're sent.

I'm an old-school non-tech guy.... so no Zelle, no Apple Pay, no credit cards, etc. I'll take a certified check or personal check, but won't ship until the deposit clears. That's one of the nice things about selling Reverb but, again, if those fees can be avoided, so much the better. There's more pics on the Reverb listing if you'd care to see them.

Reasonable offers are considered but I'm in no great hurry to sell. I've had less-than-pleasant results with overseas shipping, so Continental US only, please. Contact me with any questions and thank you for looking :) Mike
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