...I found this under the house...

Ask your wood and other materials questions here. Please DO NOT post pictures and ask us to identify your wood, we have found that accurate ID is nearly impossible, and such discussions will be deleted. Thanks.
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Robert Smallwood
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...I found this under the house...

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I came across some anigre which is an african hardwood and 'googled' its various uses.

Has anyone here used it in guitar making? and, if so are there any pitfalls?

In short I would really appreciate any first hand knowledge re anigre at all.

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Bryan Bear
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Re: ...I found this under the house...

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I can't help much other than to say I have a back and side set of figured Anigre in my stash but haven't used it yet. I have seen several figured anigre guitars over the years so it is certainly a thing, I just have no first hand experience to share.

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Clay Schaeffer
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Re: ...I found this under the house...

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Hi Robert,
Whenever I have a question about a wood I have no experience with I consult the online Wood Database. For Anigre here is their listing: https://www.wood-database.com/anigre/
The listings give a description of the wood and its physical properties and it's common uses, workability, and toxicity and usually some sample pictures. Under user comments, the last post is from someone who built a guitar with it.
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