Acrylic Fretboard - wood cracking

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darryl louis
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Acrylic Fretboard - wood cracking

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Hello out there, so basically my friend was doing an acrylic fretboard with led insides, but the problem is that cracks start showing up on the wood and then breaks into pieces it is removed. Does someone have a solution for that?

Chuck Tweedy
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Re: Acrylic Fretboard - wood cracking

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Wa??!? Pictures please
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Eric Baack
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Re: Acrylic Fretboard - wood cracking

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Into the wood of the neck?

use polycarbonate instead of acrylic maybe. not so shatter and crack prone

David King
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Re: Acrylic Fretboard - wood cracking

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There is cast acrylic which is pretty good and there is extruded acrylic which is mostly terrible.

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