small button kluson tuners

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Brian Evans
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small button kluson tuners

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I want to replace several of the tuner buttons on the slot-head Kluson tuners on my 1936 dobro. They are noticeably smaller than the buttons on my other Kluson equipped guitar, and all I can find on any of the supplier web-sites are the larger size 11/16" by 9/16" while my knobs are more like 5/8" by 15/32". I know that Golden Age makes their version of my Kluson three on a plate bent tab tuners (stewmac #2504) which have the larger buttons, but I don't want to give up on fixing the originals without at least a decent try. Any one know of a supplier?

Thanks, brian

Michael Lewis
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Re: small button kluson tuners

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Possibly some mandolin buttons would fit the size and shape your looking for. There are LOTS of possibilities out there. Do you have a pic of your current buttons? Is it possible they have shrunken over the years to an unavailable size? Many celluloid buttons from the 50s and before have succumbed to the ravages of time and turned dark and shrunk to about half their original size.

David King
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Re: small button kluson tuners

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You could use an existing button to make a silicone mold and cast some new ones from urethane casting resin which can be colored to match or you can add pearlescent powder to a clear resin.

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