new member hello - project electric cello

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James Rugby
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new member hello - project electric cello

Post by James Rugby »

I thought I would introduce my self

My name is James and I live in the UK. I am really new to stringed Instruments and music in general
I have started to learn to play the guitar But I am struggling as I have short fat finger BUT........... its on my bucket list to learn a stringed instrument so I have have gone first to make my electric cello first and then learn to play it.

Last summer I made with my ten year old son a CNC Machine and finished it at Christmas and very soon the forth axis will be finished.

I'm no stranger to wood and a chisel

Tool I have are as follows CNC Machine, chop saw, Band saw, Jig saw, drill press, jointer, Planes electric and hand, thicknesser
many chisels and three of four sanders, also a wood turners lathe, hand drills and many more, the list goes on and on

It would be very foolish of me to expect to make a classic acoustic cello this is why I have gone for a electric cello

I have found plans for a acoustic cello and will use only for size and dimensions as this is the kind if instrument I would like to make a similar to this I also adore this song


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Mark Swanson
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Re: new member hello - project electric cello

Post by Mark Swanson »

Welcome to the MIMForum, James.
Good luck with the Cello! it reminds me of an instrument built by one other of the Staff here, Jim McConkey. His was a violin but quite similar looking....
Cool video, but where is her amp? <G>
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John E Giarrizzo
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Re: new member hello - project electric cello

Post by John E Giarrizzo »

Hello James. It's been a while since I posted here. Your building an electric cello sparked my interest, as I have been wanting to also build one "someday". I have built 18 acoustic violins over the years, and am working on 19 and 20. Couldn't have got started without the help of this forum back in 2001.

I don't want to take the time to build all the molds and fixtures just for one acoustic cello, and that's a lot of wood to carve, which is why I think electric is the way to go. This instrument would be for my own use --- basement recording --- once I learned to sort of play it --- amazing what you can do with editing with today's software.

I've done only a little research into form, and pickups and electronics. Keep us posted as to your progress. When I finish these latest violins, it just might be "someday".

Greg Steil
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Re: new member hello - project electric cello

Post by Greg Steil »

neat tune I'd say, but music videos have nothing at all to do with actual music. They are a director perhaps with a vision and a budget. No telling what can happen there. Show us the player actually playing. Am I being curmudgoenly?

James Rugby
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Re: new member hello - project electric cello

Post by James Rugby »

after spending hour days weeks and even months yes I started looking for a good source of plans in March I have come to the conclusion that they don't exist (free) well not completely true I did find a free down load and after printing it out found it incomplete. Yes the down load didn't have a lot of dimensions on it.

So armed with the above information I have decided to buy my plans from good old ebay or rent a cello to take my measurement from.

Here is the link for ebay listing ... 557wt_1185

however This morning I'm quite excited as last night I did find on skechup a drawing of the Yamaha I would like to emulate So armed with both these references I expect to start working in a week or two depending on shipping times.

The wood I will be using is maple (laminated) ebony for the finger board walnut for the suggestion of shape again this will be laminated

I have also decided to buy a book or two on teaching myself the cello. What would we do without the internet yes found a book and CD on Amazon here is the book

Cello Playing for Music Lovers: A Self-teaching Method - Vera Mattlin Jiji; Spiral-bound

Anyway that is the update for today thank you all for the time you have invested in replying to this post

With thanks


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