One year later

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Al Dodson
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One year later

Post by Al Dodson »

It's been a year since the forum made the move to the new site with Charlie as the sysop. Congratulations and a huge thank you to Charlie and all the staff are in order. I appreciate the effort you guys put into this forum and for keeping it the sane and civil place Deb created. Much love and wishes for success to Deb too; I sure could use a good whap now and then.

I also want to thank all the old timers here too.Your presence gives this forum credibility and a continuing relevance. Many good wishes to you and the forum for a long and valuable presence.

Mario Proulx
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Re: One year later

Post by Mario Proulx »

One year already? Wow!

I still miss the old format....

Jason Rodgers
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Re: One year later

Post by Jason Rodgers »

Long live the MIMF! There are things about the old forum that were nice and simple, but I've gotten a groove with the new format. I particularly like the "newest" and "latest" and "active" post buttons.

As soon as that blank spot in the archives is filled in, we'll be golden.

Thank you Charlie, and the rest of the staff, for keeping us rolling!
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Steve Senseney
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Re: One year later

Post by Steve Senseney »

Time passes quickly, and I did not realize it was already a year.

Thanks to Charlie and his helpers!

David King
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Re: One year later

Post by David King »

Happy first birthday to the "new" MIMF.

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Mark Swanson
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Re: One year later

Post by Mark Swanson »

I can't believe it's been a year already either. It's a pleasure still for me, I'm glad for this place as well and I want to thank Charlie and all the other staff, and also all the folks who visit old and new. The old members who remain, Mario, David...all of you know who you are! You make the place what it is. It's been a long long ride since the old days, and it's been great getting to know all of you!
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Michael Lewis
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Re: One year later

Post by Michael Lewis »

It seems like the change over was only a couple months or so. What happened? Thanks gang!

Darrel Friesen
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Re: One year later

Post by Darrel Friesen »

Congrats everyone. The traffic dropped off as people slowly got used to the new forum. There were aspects of the old forum that I really liked but obviously the old technology was having its issues and a change was necessary. Traffic is slowly building again. There is an immense amount of talent and great advice on this forum from long time and new members. Still one of my favorite places on the net.

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