P90 bobbin material

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Fernando Esteves
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P90 bobbin material

Post by Fernando Esteves »

I'm building a guitar for my nephews and am going to use a narrower bridge and nut width, thus pickup too.

I'm going to build a bobbin to the pickup maker because they are complaining a lot about it...

I'm thinking in wood, in my understand it won't change anything, as both plastic and wood are not magnetic.

Anybody has other point of view?
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JC Whitney
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Re: P90 bobbin material

Post by JC Whitney »

If I read your question correctly, you’ll be giving the bobbin to someone else to use to wind custom pickups for you. Given how wide and flat P90 bobbins are, I would think that splitting/cracking might be a very real concern for the winder (especially at the corners). Perhaps consider a material less vulnerable to cracking/movement, and if you want a “wood look” veneer the upper surface?

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