The Neck

Barry Daniels of Texas is the Luthier who made the neck of our bass. Barry told a bit about himself...

"I started building guitars in 1975 after finding a copy of Irving Sloane’s book. After building several steel-string acoustics, I started repairing and restoring older instruments. The repair work provided me with the opportunity to improve many of my techniques (like fretting and finishes) and to observe how instruments fail. The work included all kinds of stringed instruments. During the construction of my first instrument, I discovered a store right there in my home town (Tulsa, OK) that sold wood and parts for instrument builders, and I started hanging out there as much as possible. The owner of the company, International Luthiers Supply, finally hired me, which gave me the opportunity to handle a lot of tone wood and to meet other builders. I continued to repair and build instruments on the side. After several years, I decided to go back to college to complete my engineering degree, and the instrument repairs became a useful source of financial support.

Today, I continue to pursue instrument building as a passionate hobby that occupies most of my spare time. Recent projects include a six-string solid body bass, and a collaboration in a line of archtop, acoustic jazz guitars that are being sold through a dealer in New Jersey. I am also very proud of my participation in the MIMForum, which has connected me to a larger universe of people that are passionate about this wonderful craft."

Thanks a lot, Barry for making a great neck!

Barry shows us how he made the neck.... These shots show how it's glued up and jointed.

Jointing the Neck

Here you can see clearly the different woods we used in the neck- Maple, Bubinga, and Ebony. It's beautiful!

Bandsawing the Neck

Barry bandsawing out the neck's profile......

Installing the Truss Rod

And fitting the truss rod. Good job, Barry!