The Body

Here's the bass as it is today, all ready to be routed for pickups! Beautiful!

Dale Belcher is the Forum volunteer who made the body. Dale tells a bit about himself: "I'm a grade school music teacher and usually a church choir director. I was a Forum staff member for almost three years. During that time I took Bill Moll's archtop and bass guitar classes. When the Bass Project came up, it was something I just had to be involved in. The body wings were actually glued up during classes at school. I had the plans on the wall, and we spent time checking out where and how things would go together. The students will be interested to see this project completed, too." Dale is 45, he has been married to wife Nancy for 25 years, and they have three children. Thanks, Dale, for your help with our project!

The woods for the body, and in fact the entire bass were donated to this project by Larry Davis of Gallery Hardwoods in Sacramento, California. As a matter of fact, it was Larry who had the first bright idea to take on this project! Here is a picture of the habitat in which the Myrtle wood we used for the top was grown and a close-up of the top plate.

Here are a few more shots from Larry Davis showing us how and where he got the wood for this bass. You can see piles of raw lumber, and the storage rooms...and a shot of the saw used to cut up the logs themselves. The huge ugly thing in the last picture is a Myrtle stump. Inside the stump is lots of beautiful figured wood!