Baritone 12 string

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Re: Baritone 12 string

Postby Matthew Orifice » Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:23 pm

from what i've found string tension at a .092 is about the same as what i play on my guitars, i'm avoiding glued bridges and going with a tailpiece to solve one aspect of that, doing inserts is a really good idea and i can fabricate those if i absolutely have to. i'm hoping 6 bolts like you have on a lot of 6 string basses will get me there... I have until april so i'm going slow and doing research, one of my first stops was here because of the combined experience on this board

i fully understood that this thing was going to be a challenge, and if it turns out this goes the way of the dodo when i string it up, i can always double track the guitar with a baritone nashville for the second part, but i would REALLY like to build something that will play the part live.
Matthew Orifice
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Re: Baritone 12 string

Postby Freeman Keller » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:56 pm

One last thought, Matthew, if you decide to try standard 12 string scale it would be very easy to see if that is going to work - get a "standard" 12 string and set of your strings and see what happens. The nut will be wrong and the intonation wonky but at least you'll know if you're in the ballpark and if there are any more surprises.

Heck, you could even string a "standard" six string with the primaries that you choose and see how that works. It should be easier to play than the normal sixer because you'll have less tension but you shouldn't have buzzes or rattles. Again, nut and saddle problems but for the test it doesn't matter.

If you are still thinking of a long scale I might be tempted to make a dummy neck and bridge and try it with the strings you choose. I'm concerned that you may have intonation issues and at least you could explore that before you actually build it.

Keep us posted.
Freeman Keller
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Re: Baritone 12 string

Postby Matthew Orifice » Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:10 pm

so a set of Bajo Sexto strings cam in and i gave them a shot on my standard 12 string, and at tension for the G it sounded great, so far the bridge has stayed put pretty well so, i'm going to move forward with Beate's suggestion of a 25.5 scale just to reduce leverage... also cuts down on the wood i need to buy as i now can use a great piece of maple i had as a neck, i like when i don't have to spend more money
Matthew Orifice
Posts: 42
Joined: Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:53 pm


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