classical from Sycamore with Cumpiano-Natelson plans

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Bob Howell
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classical from Sycamore with Cumpiano-Natelson plans

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I have finished 5 Steel strings with 5 more in the works. Now I am working on several Classical guitars. I have questions;

I never see where the sides are glued to neck block.

First top is Sitka Spruce. Took sides/edge of sb down to .08" and never got to floppy cardboard stage I hear about. .095 under bridge patch and sound hole, neck area. Thinned braces to 1/4" height around edge.

Seems the major objective is light weight, so the popularity of Rosewoods flies in the face of that. I went with Sycamore. Considering Osage, maple and Sapele for next build??

I have Bogdanovitch's book but too complex for my purposes. Many good construction techniques. I have read Siminoff's Handbook but read it is controversial. Seems sides are important to some(isolate top and back) but not to others. I could quickly get lost here. Using basswood tendeliones and strips linings. Some isolation effect here.

I got a great redwood plank from some friends grandfather, passed around for 50 years or so. Perfectly quatersawn and good for 3 tops. Will use one on next classical.

Fascinating to see the different process and techniques between the two instruments.

I touch on many points here so it could be seen as questions and thoughts of a novice using GTT for first build. I spent the down time during moist summer month reading postings and books about classicals.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Pictures to follow soon.

Brian Evans
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Re: classical from Sycamore with Cumpiano-Natelson plans

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I have a friend who builds classical guitars. She sometimes does a neck block, but more often does a spanish heel neck joint. The sides are inserted into mortice slots in the neck, and fastened with wedges, basically. The guitar is built around the neck, often without a form. I love redwood for tops, I've done a few archtops, but be aware it can be very "splitty". It's light, works easily, dents easily, can have figure in it that complicates smoothing.

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