ooo bracing query

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ooo bracing query

Postby Bob Orr » Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:16 am

Hi I am about to start an all mahogany 000 and am using the stewmac plans. Has anyone used these plans and if so do you suggest any alterations to bracing heights and thicknesses as they look a bit chunky to me.

Cheers, Bob
Bob Orr
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Re: ooo bracing query

Postby Todd Stock » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:17 am

I built one to plans back in 2005, and it was stout...not as bad as the Antes stuff, but it seemed like McRostie anticipated that the builder might brace with cedar or other weaker wood...still ended up as a reasonably decent guitar, but it took a lot of through-the-soundhole work to tweak. Ultimately ended up going out door for fire sale (sailed through air out shop door onto burning pile of guitars and shop scraps).

The profiling in the McRostie plans is not bad- pretty close to what I see on 1930's Martins, but sizes need to be adjusted. Also watch out for his diamond dart/volute drawing and dimensions - IMS, the projection is wrong. If possible, take a set of measurements off an original or repro, and check out for good shots of how the dart has evolved over time.

A venetian cutaway works on these - even with the 12 fret neck, great access to the upper register with moderate cut, and a nice finger-style guitar that has great ergonomics. I have a BRW/red spruce full-body in the works right now - looking forward to stringing it up.

I use the following, based on a couple successful 000-12 guitars that turned out well:

X: .285 x .550
TB: .285 x .470
Fingers: .285 x .285 (I usually end up with the fingers down close to .250 high by the time I'm done carving)
UTB: .438 x .560
BP: .105 x 1.375 on pyramids/rectangles and bridge width plus .250 otherwise...I use maple, so adjust thickness if you use rosewoods or laminated

B1 & B2: .250 x .550 (usually end up closer to .500 on B2 after carving)
B3 & B4: Either .750 x .375 (low/wide) or .313 x .625 (high/narrow)
Todd Stock
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