Navigating the new forum software.

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Navigating the new forum software.

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We've had a few questions regarding navigating the new forum software, and how it compares to the features of the old software. 
Some members would use the subscriptions, "check messages" button, or the message center available on the old forum software to navigate to new posts, and keep track of what they had already read. 

The new forum software has similar features. 
Registered users can subscribe to forum areas by first navigating to that forum section, and then clicking "subscribe forum", which is available on the left of the bottom bar of each forum sub-section page. 
Members can also do the same with individual topics. 
When you subscribe to a forum area or topic, you will be notified by email whenever a new topic/post is made in that section/topic. You will not be notified of any new topics/posts by email until you have logged in again.
These emails contain a link to the relevant topic/post. 

Members can also use the "view unread posts" button which is available towards the top of the board index page. If you need to navigate back to the board index page to access this feature, there is a link to the board index page at the top or bottom left of every screen. 
When you click on this button, it will display a list of any posts that you have not read. You can navigate to the beginning of the topic by clicking on the topic title, or if you want to jump straight to the new posts, you can click the small icon to the left of the topic title. 
This feature works very similarly to if you had subscribed to every area on the old forum software, and used the "check messages" button or the message center. 
Charlie is working to see if the "view unread posts" button as well as the other buttons can be added to the top of each page. Currently to access these features you will need to navigate back to the board index.

The new forum software supports private messaging between registered members. You can access this feature by clicking on a members username and selecting private messaging, or by clicking on the user control panel link at the top of each page, selecting the private messaging tab, and searching for a members username. 
Members can store up to 50 private messages. 
Of note is that private messages sent to other members will remain in your "outbox" until it is read by that member, which may seem counter-intuitive to people familiar with email messaging systems. While a private message remains in your "outbox", you are able to edit or delete them. Once it has been received by the other member, though, it's written in stone!

As we are all still learning to use the new software, and we may be making some changes, this post may be updated, so check back here if you have any problems. We'll be trying to make sure this post is up to date.

Image attachments can be up to 150k. Audio (mp3) attachments can be up to 200k. See this topic for help in posting attachments: ... 656#p15026

We hope you find navigating the new forum software  easy and intuitive!
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