Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitars ,Custom designed and made by "sandpaper pete"adams

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Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitars ,Custom designed and made by "sandpaper pete"adams

Postby Peter Adams » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:51 pm

These instruments are made from 80% RECYCLED woods , varnish , metal , etc. by myself, 40* yr. piano tuner/technician Pete Adams...I also have some inventions for the flute {RADIAL CURVED FLUTE MOUTHPIECE}, Bari sax and have constructed over 20 basses, moosehide drums, xylophones, saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces... sold a few but mainly have not been recognized or appreciated by the local or national artists communities.
Right now I have enough wood and metal stock, varnish, glues, hardware etc. to make easily more than 100 basses, and drums.The only things I need to purchase are the TUNING GEARS @$40-$100/set, and STRINGS $20-$100/set. If you would like to get in on the ground floor of this new business adventure please connect w/me and... maybe be the 1st on your block to own one of these nicely constructed heirloom quality instruments

Contact me by phone #s 1-907-455-7641, 907-888-0788, or Phil Donovan ...617-470-9821 or email or
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Peter Adams
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