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Postby Justin Figley » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:59 pm

I love my 20 Watt Jet City Combo. It is a single channel Asian manufactured tube amp designed by Mike Soldano. It doesn't have the most clean head room I have ever heard. The clean tone doesn't rival a vintage fender or anything, but it is pretty decent sounding. The gain level covers everything from cleanish breakup to the Zeppelin and AC/DC type of sounds. There are some sweet ZZ Top sounds toward the middle of the dial. For dirty guitar sound I love this amp. It takes my GFS tube screamer clone well and using the right high gain box I can get convincing modern high gain tube amp tone. I searched for an amp for a long time trying to find one with the right features and price tag and I think I did.

I have heard good things about the Fender Mustang modeling amps. They are supposedly a lot better than Line 6 (tonewise, which is pretty subjective). I am thinking about rolling up my pennies and getting a 40 Watt Mustang to use for clean sounds with an A/B footswitch. I am willing to try and slay the two amp dragon.
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