Built in Amp on Fernandes Nomad

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Built in Amp on Fernandes Nomad

Postby brian gardiner » Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:03 pm

I'm fixing a Fernands Nomad Standard for a friend of mine. The built in Amp isn't functioning, and wasn't wired up when I got it. I had to wire in the 9V battery holder, which I did, but I'm not sure I'm getting power beyond that (however I think so, explanation below). I have pictures of the circuit board. It is marked for input, battery, LED and there's two wires labelled S/W. Looking for suggestions for hook up and/or to test. And while I have soldered enough before, hooked up pickups, changed pots etc., I'm a bit of a neophyte on things like using the multimeter, working on circuit boards and so forth, so feel free to treat me like a simpleton when your explaining what I should do. :D

The amp apparently has a clean and an overdrive mode. I have an on/off/on switch, which I haven't even tried to integrate into the system yet.

Final note, If I rub the ends of the S/W wires together the speaker crackles, if the battery is plugged in, which is why I think I'm getting battery power beyond the hookup.

Pictures below, and thanks so much for any help.
There is a red and black wire that hooks into the speaker. The black wire also has a second black wire that is loose that I'm holding in my hand
A close up of the battery hook up and the two wires labelled S/W
Here's a full shot of the circuit board
brian gardiner
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