Just For Fun

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michael visser
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Just For Fun

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Pee Wee Hummin. (doesnt humm, I do). Pow hana, 2nd build. I have to respectfully dissagree with Greg about string tension. Total string length, tuner to stop, determins the tention required to bring it to pitch. Thats why a PeeWee V has to be tuned 1 1/2 steps up to be playable. (19" scale). This little guy is 21 1/4" with 26" nut to stop. Shorter = more slinky.
pee wee 010.jpg
pee wee 006.jpg
Michael Visser

Steve Senseney
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Re: Just For Fun

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JC Whitney
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Re: Just For Fun

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Too much fun - to my eyes it has a great Fred Flintstone vibe going on.

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