nut and saddle material

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Micah Covington
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nut and saddle material

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I know brass is used for bass nuts. Would aluminum be a good material? I am asking because I have some aluminum bar stock which is about the right size.

Rodger Knox
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Re: nut and saddle material

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Aluminium was used by Vox in the mid 20th century in conjunction with a zero fret.
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Mark Swanson
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Re: nut and saddle material

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I have used aluminum, it works well. It buffs up real pretty too.
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Greg Robinson
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Re: nut and saddle material

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Danelectro have used aluminium for nuts. It does tend to gall a bit and can cause the wound strings to stick a bit, but nothing too bad. It does look cool!
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Henrique Schneiter
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Re: nut and saddle material

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I have used for nuts and saddles. Besides what the guys mentioned above, you may remember those nuts are harder on the files, too.

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