Best finish for paint and stain

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marc lavertu
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Best finish for paint and stain

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Here the twins!
The fact are, I have two kind of stuff on it. Black paint on back and side. stain on top. I can't use the neck plate predrill hole because I use MDF for the body. We can't screw and unscrew many time before the hole gets unusable.

What will you do to finish those two? I watch a lot of video but I can't make a sure plan to make then even more beautiful. I try the clear gloss spray can ( the same company as the paint ) on a piece of MDF with the paint on it. I was able to get a very gloss finish at the end. I guess I'm too scare to try it on the guitar before asking you!

Writing this message, I just figure it out that I can hang then using something thin like metal cable through the neck plate hole and spray them.

What will you do if this was your project?

Thank's again for your time!


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Barry Daniels
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Re: Best finish for paint and stain

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Sounds like you have a compatible top coat and that you have done a test piece. That should be sufficient to start finishing the guitars.
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