A neck shaping jig

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Paul Montgomery
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A neck shaping jig

Post by Paul Montgomery »

Clamping neck blanks for shaping is tricky but I just found a simple way. I'd be interested to know how you all accomplish that. Here is what I just figured out:


Clay Schaeffer
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Re: A neck shaping jig

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

Hi Paul,
I use a simple "L" type jig to rough shape necks with a router. I also use it for a router table fence (I made a cut out in it) and it can also be used as a drill press fixture. The neck blank is held on by two screws through the jig and into the fretboard side of the blank.

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Steve Sawyer
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Re: A neck shaping jig

Post by Steve Sawyer »

Nothing revolutionary here, but I do find assorted pieces of 8020 extrusion to be very handy. This is how I use one for carving necks. Note the pads of leather between the FB and the beam to protect the FB, and the leather pads under the clamps. I should make a mounting "L" like Pauls to fit onto this beam!
Neck Holding.JPG

Bob Gleason
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Re: A neck shaping jig

Post by Bob Gleason »

This is really interesting to see how similar Steve's jig is to mine. Almost like we built then together. Mine has a T-Track in the center to adjust the hold downs.

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Barry Daniels
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Re: A neck shaping jig

Post by Barry Daniels »

I like both of them.
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