vintage replacement parts

If you have a string instrument of any kind that needs fixing, a mistake you made in building a new instrument that you need to "disappear," or a question about the ethics of altering an older instrument, ask here. Please note that it will be much easier for us to help you decide on the best repair method if you post some pictures of the problem.
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Ryan Mazzocco
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vintage replacement parts

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Hey everyone. So right now I've got a very interesting little instrument on the bench. It's a 1926 Martin T-18 Tiple. Most of the tuners are in pretty good shape and function quite well. They are arranged 5 on a plate, slotted headstock style. 2 of the individual tuners are missing the gear and the retaining screw. I've reached out to Martin. They have passed my messages on the the Archive guy. That was just yesterday so I haven't heard back about that yesterday, but I'm not super optimistic they will have anything for me.
Where can a guy go to try to find replacement parts like this? Original would be cool, but not mandatory.
The idea here is that I don't want to replace the whole tuner plate and tuners, just the missing parts.


Mark Wybierala
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Re: vintage replacement parts

Post by Mark Wybierala »

I have hundreds of spur gears and screws from years of doing this and I can only assume that other privately owned shops have the same when the owner refuses to throw anything away. Put a tuner post, its spur gear, and the screw in a safe container and keep it in the glove box of your car so when you encounter a small music store you can rummage through a bucket or two of parts.

Road trip.

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Jo Dusepo
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Re: vintage replacement parts

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If you do decide to replace the whole plates, look for charango or Puerto Rican cuatro tuners.
I specialise in historical & world instruments.

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