Enduro Var and HVLP and LVLP

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Enduro Var and HVLP and LVLP

Postby Andrew McSpadden » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:53 pm

I am pretty happy with Enduro Var but need new guns. Does anybody have an opinion on what has or has not worked well for them either with EV or different guns and tips?
Andrew McSpadden
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Re: Enduro Var and HVLP and LVLP

Postby Brian Evans » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:13 am

I can recommend the devillebliss SRI pro spot repair gun. Quite small, I use their DeKups disposable and sealed cut system, which eliminate drips. It comes with two caps, HVLP and HTE (high transfer efficiency). I've used both, can't recall a difference, but the HTE cap uses less air, is supposed to atomomize better. I use a 60 gallon main tank feeding a 20 gallon dry tank, air pressure from the dry tank set at 60 psi, and a regulator at the gun set at 29 psi. this gives me good atomization, smooth flow, etc. With total of 80 gallons of tankage, and spraying for only a couple of minutes at a time, the difference between caps in terms of efficiency is kind of moot. I really like the DeKup system, and there are other similar systems, my gun just came with the DeKups as stock. They have integral filters so you don't need to pre-filter, they are designed so you can mix colours in the cup, you can switch colours easly with a couple of different cups on hand, you can store non-catalyzed finish in a sealed cup if you want (say you are spraying 3 sessions of clear over the course of a day, you can take the cup off the gun, clean the gun, and store the clear in the cup with a sealing lid).
Brian Evans
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Re: Enduro Var and HVLP and LVLP

Postby Chuck Tweedy » Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:37 pm

wow - i've got nothing as fancy as Brian.
I used a relatively generic HVLP gravity fed gun i got at Rocker. Small cup like a jamb gun.
I use the 1mm tip and the recommended pressure at the gun.

Worked great.
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Chuck Tweedy
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