Just Intonation Tuner for Linux

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Hans Bezemer
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Just Intonation Tuner for Linux

Post by Hans Bezemer »

I've made a Just Intonation tuner, which contains a bunch of scales which can be modulated to any (microtonal) key.

The release announcement is made over here, including a link to the repository.
Feel free to use it, it's open source.

I've made a recording using the tuner to find the septimal minor thirds.

btw. I defretted a discarded nylon string guitar and retuned it to an all fifthstuning (F-C-G-D-A-E).

Kind regards,


Gordon Bellerose
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Re: Just Intonation Tuner for Linux

Post by Gordon Bellerose »


Will this software work on every platform?
I need your help. I can't possibly make all the mistakes myself!

Liam McGillivray
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Re: Just Intonation Tuner for Linux

Post by Liam McGillivray »

I feel lucky to run into this on my first look at this forum. "Microtonal music software for Linux" is an obscure topic, but I have been frustrated by the lack of it. So it's nice to unexpectedly find someone that shares the interest.

I have this repository for a fork of Qsynth in which I have attempted to add support for retuning, although I have weak programming skills so I never got too far on it.

I will check out your program tomorrow. I don't have any instruments at the moment that are compatible with just intonation, but I am interested in it.

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