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lee court
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Hi please please can someone one ID this for me .... I know it's a mandolin banjo and was made in UK. I need make model n age lol not much to ask if know. Thanks in advance
David King
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Re: banjo

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I can't help much but I photoshopped the headstock decal and got this:

Maybe try over at Mandocafe?
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Greg Steil
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Re: banjo

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go to "Banjo Hangout"
Paul Breen
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Re: banjo

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It is a British made Zither banjo mandolin. These heavy necked, small pot instruments where milled out in the thousands. The label, which I can't read, is likely a distributor or trade name. I refurbished one of these several years ago that is quite similar, although the pot size on mine may be slightly larger. If you manage to get this thing set this up as a mandolin, you may end up being disappointed. The small pot coupled with eight strings will be VERY bright and overwhelming with overtones. These Zither models also have a difficult time withe the pots staying round, which directly affects action and playability. The iron ring below the tension hoop should have adjustment screws bearing against the inside of the pot at both the neck and tailpiece. The little brackets that hold the hide and tone ring assembly in place are not up to the job by themselves.

My advise is to turn it into a four string instrument, either a ukulele or four string mandolin. Both are close enough in scale length to go either way. I did mine up as an eight string mandolin banjo... the brightness can probably peel the paint from a battleship hull, it is now for display purposes only.
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