Help needed - hinges?

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malron fams
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Help needed - hinges?

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I am looking for some help or recommendations where to look for information on hinges for a musical instrument prototype.

I am building a prototype musical instrument that requires a hinged section of wood. It is a piece of wood about the dimensions of a guitar neck. It should have a concealed hinge about half way down that allows the piece to fold in half.

When open (i.e the 'neck' is fully extended) the hinge should be hidden within the wood. The player should be able to move the end piece through 180 so the two half sit flush against each other. (imagine the hinge is at the 8th fret then once the piece is folded the first fret and the 16th fret should be touching.

Can anyone advise where I should look? any considerations on what is good/bad?

I have refered to a guitar neck to help explain/visualize but I will not be stringing this piece of the instrument so issues about tension etc are not a problem.

Steve Senseney
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Re: Help needed - hinges?

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google SOSS invisible hinge

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