Banjo Head types

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Re: Banjo Head types

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Thanks Jon!

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Jon Whitney
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Re: Banjo Head types

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Steve Senseney wrote:You fooled me!!
I mean in the same sense a cigar-box banjo or a cookie-tin banjo are toys. Certainly a good musician could play a nice tune on them, but they're not going to sound like a "real" banjo. The rectangular format of the PETE-head banjo, and especially the limited width, limit the acoustic properties and the potential of the head material. But one thing is certain - they are a hoot to play.

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Bryan Bear
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Re: Banjo Head types

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I'm on my iPhone right now. I can see that there are attachments, but I can't see anything to click to open or listen to them.

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AJ Wilcox
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Re: Banjo Head types

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I was impressed with all the sound clips.. None sounded like "toys" to me...
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Karl Wicklund
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Re: Banjo Head types

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Yup, having short sound clips is nice! I like them all, Jon.
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Neal Carey
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Re: Banjo Head types

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Jon Whitney wrote:. . . the other PETE head . . . this one is nylon string (fishing line) and fretless.
Jon, these are really cool and I too like having the sound files. I especially like the sound of this one. Nice work.
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Re: Banjo Head types

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I finally got to this thread, way to go Jon!

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