Benedetto Fratello

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Danilo Hernandez
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Benedetto Fratello

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My Fratello has the tailpiece where the strings are place underneath. You have to hold them in place while trying to wind the string. Is there a tool or easier way of changing the strings without replacing the tailpiece?

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

Brian Evans
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Re: Benedetto Fratello

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Replace the strings one at a time. Get a string winder, either a manual crank or electric. Take a bit of time and work out how much slack you need, extra string length, for each string. Take the new string, hook it under the tailpiece, lay it down the neck and hold it tight with your left thumb on the fretboard. Thread the loose end through the machine head post, set it to the correct length, and then loop it or tie it off so the string doesn't fall out of the post hole. Go back, get the ball end settled in the tail piece, hold the string tight - I used my right hand up near the nut so that I can use a finger to guide the string into the right nut slot and low enough so it wraps the way I want around the post. With my other hand I use the crank to quickly tighten the string until it holds in the tailpiece and is close to correct pitch. Some tailpieces have through holes you have to figure out how to thread the string through, others have little fingers underneath you have to worry about the string falling off. Each is an equal but opposite PITA. I'd not change the Fratello tailpiece.

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