Parts for a Wilkinson tremolo

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Stefan Wester
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Parts for a Wilkinson tremolo

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I recently bought an used guitar that is outfitted with a Wilkinson WVS50 II tremolo. Unfortunately, the tremolo arm was missing, and I later found out that the small ring (of platic or rubber?), that's inside the hole where you insert the tremolo arm, is also missing.
The tremolo arm is not difficult to find, but I did not find anyone who has the "ring" yet.
Does anyone know where to find this part?

Thanks in advance!

// Stefan
The part that is missing is the black ring inside the hole.
The part that is missing is the black ring inside the hole.
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David King
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Re: Parts for a Wilkinson tremolo

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This part isn't indispensable to the operation of the tremolo but it does help keep the bar from rattling. You could probably find an "O" ring or two at a hardware store that can replace the missing washer. If you have access to a small lathe it would be very quick to turn a new part from delrin.
There are several bar diameters and threads in current use so check the block threads with various screws at a hardware store. I'd start with M5x.80.

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