New tuners, plastic keystone buttons are loose

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Mike Sayre
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New tuners, plastic keystone buttons are loose

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Guys and gals-
I installed new (Wilkinson) keystone-button tuners, a have quite a rattle. Seems to be the button on the B string tuner. Since I have little hope that an application of ACC on the shaft will wick anywhere enough to address this, whattaya think about me drilling a .030-.040" hole in the button terminating at the shaft, and wicking some some glue in that way?
Mike Sayre

David King
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Re: New tuners, plastic keystone buttons are loose

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For starters ACC glue was new to me so I looked it up and it's " Alpha Cyanoacrylate Cement" or what we call CA around here. A thin viscosity CA should have no trouble wicking into the deepest recesses of a plastic tuner button though it might take several applications to fill any voids as it does shrink a bit after it sets up.

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