Albert collins tele wiring question

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Greg Martin
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Albert collins tele wiring question

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Reading other forums I see maybe 500k pots should be used when wiring a stock Fender tele bridge pickup in with a PAF type humbucker in the neck posistion. that being said I think the bridge pickup would not sound right with a 500k tone pot. Ive forgotten , How would you wire a 250-270k resistor in to the stock switch wiring, So the bucker would see 500k and the single coil would see 250k?? Anyone done this?

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Greg Robinson
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Re: Albert collins tele wiring question

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Greg, why do you think that? Have you tried it? I tend to use 500k pots with everything to retain that bit of extra highs, you can't get back what you lose, but you can always roll the tone knob down or the treble down on your amp.

More and more Tele's come stock with 500k pots these days anyway.
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James Gates
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Re: Albert collins tele wiring question

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I opened for Albert Collins in the summer of 1971 aboard a Washington State Ferry Boat, doesn't relate to the topic, but was a memorable gig.

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