Make your own gong

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Daniel Twellmann
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Make your own gong

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Hello all

I was watching some videos from Matt Nolan, who makes his own gongs and I wanted to try for my self.
However I'm having a hard time finding some information other than what I can see in some videos.

Do any of you have some tips, or could you perhaps point me in the right direction with some links :)

Thank you

Daniel Twellmann

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Bryan Bear
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Re: Make your own gong

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I can't help you but I will be following along to see what advice you get. A gong is something no home should be without just in case you end up with an Unknown Comic infestation. . . <G>

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Albert Stacy
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Re: Make your own gong

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I see some on Youtube. Why not you try them hope you really get what you are looking for regarding gong.
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