Capped double reed instruments

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Ben Sanders
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Capped double reed instruments

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I am looking for information around making capped double-reed instruments. Last year I 3d printed a cornamuse (someone else's design) and hand-made a plastic reed, and that turned out well. Right now I'm got a contrabass reed and am experimenting with making something that I could use with it. I was starting out printing a bit that I could use with some pvc pipe, but I had a question about the cap itself. How much do the dimensions of it matter? And for experimenting, does the size of the part I'm blowing into matter? It seems to me that it would be the pressure inside the cap that matters, but I could be completely wrong.

Thanks for any help!

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Charlie Schultz
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Re: Capped double reed instruments

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I can't help you with your questions (sorry) but I would like to know more about the cornamuse- can you share the design and what kind of 3d printer you used?

Bob Francis
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Re: Capped double reed instruments

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Yes please do!

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Jim McConkey
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Re: Capped double reed instruments

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I'm no expert on these old woodwinds, but since the free end reed is contained inside the cap, I wouldn't think the cap dimensions will make that much difference. In general, only the bore dimensions from the reed to the open end matter for pitch, etc. You might want to think about a replaceable cap design, where you can experiment with different heights and blow hole sizes.
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Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Capped double reed instruments

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I would agree with Jim McConkey that the cap dimensions are probably not critical so long as the reed has the necessary clearance to vibrate. In Trevor Robinson's book "The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker" he shows designs for three krumhorns - Tenor, Alto, Soprano, and although they have different size reeds, he mentions that the same size wind cap is used for all three. A bassoon reed can be modified for use with the tenor krumhorn.
The cornamuse is essentially an unbent version of a krumhorn.

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