Help! Stuck with Walden neck reset.

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Doug Polkat
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Help! Stuck with Walden neck reset.

Post by Doug Polkat »

This should be easy as the necks in Walden's are bolt-ons. So I pulled the bolt from the neck block and loosened the fret board above the body, then watched the neck fall off. didn't!

That neck is still very tight on the body. I've scored the finish around the joint so that's not it, and the label over the bolt was untouched so it's never been worked on before.

What can I be missing?? Help!

Mario Proulx
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Re: Help! Stuck with Walden neck reset.

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I've never heard of a Walden, but there are many that simply use the bolt as a clamp. In other words, it's glued. Some are even glued with epoxy....

Good luck!

Mario Kessels
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Re: Help! Stuck with Walden neck reset.

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do the normal thing with steaming the neck off. i have done a few that were glued on with epoxy. It just takes a bit longer. Be patient and at some point it will surrender

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