Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

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Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

Post by iamtherealmungo »

After completing the body of my new acoustic build I discoverd the back had shrunk considerably and was rather flat. I purchased a hard case immediately and began humidifying the body back to health.. it's going rather well and the back is returning to almost it's original state (lesson learned there!)

however, I have now discovered a small(ish) split/crack along the grain on the lower bout starting from one side of the bottom block and running about 30-40mm along.. my only guess is that this has been caused by the dry climate it was built in so I cannot be intirely sure when it happened exactly.

My question is. How would be best to go about this repair? Should I carry on humidifying the instrument fully before attempting to repair that crack or should I repair the crack now and continue re-humdifying it afterwards?

The crack is slightly open and under pressure does not FULLY close although it is less visible, what would be the best method of repair?

Any ideas people?


Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

Humidify it until it does fully close, then repair it with hot hide glue.

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Greg Robinson
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Re: Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

Post by Greg Robinson »

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Steve Senseney
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Re: Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

Post by Steve Senseney »

I agree with Clay. A picture would help.

Karl Hoyt
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Re: Repairing a crack with humidity issues?

Post by Karl Hoyt »

definitely re-hydrate first. ONe cool trick we use in my guitar building class is to put the guitar in a big plastic bag (if you don't have a case) ... and blow it up like a balloon. there's just enough humidity in your breath to make a nice humid environment for the guitar to re-hydrate.

give it a couple days and that crack will close right up.. then I prefer yellow carpenters glue to HHG for sealing up a crack on the side (as well as a spruce patch)


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