removing headstock fiberboard overlay

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James Gates
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removing headstock fiberboard overlay

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The headstock fiberboard overlay is warped and the logo is mostly worn off.
I can get a putty knife under part of it.
What is a good way to remove the overlay?
I am not interested in repairing it a I will be replacing it.

Nick Middleton
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Re: removing headstock fiberboard overlay

Post by Nick Middleton »

If you have no intention of saving the overlay:

Set up 2 guide-rails that run in the same plane as the headstock.
Then use a router to shave it off in a few passes.

This is technique that also works for removing fingerboards.

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Mark Swanson
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Re: removing headstock fiberboard overlay

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I'd just heat it up and remove it with a flat knife or scraper. A heat gun will work, and even a clothes iron will work, just be careful and get it no hotter than you need to- keep checking. If you want to save the finish on the other surfaces of the peghead then heat will damage it quickly so be careful.
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