Pickguard Templates

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Greg Steil
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Pickguard Templates

Post by Greg Steil »

Hows about this(unless it already exists), set up a library of Pickguard templates? Just mailed one today. Second one for the same model guitar. I also just made a template from another members guitar, and took some pictures as well of the mounting setup. Whadda ya think?

Keith Howell
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Location: Cape Town South Africa

Re: Pickguard Templates

Post by Keith Howell »

Mario Proulx
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Re: Pickguard Templates

Post by Mario Proulx »

I grabbed the "Martin" style PDF and printed it out, then checked it against a verified aluminum template, and it's close, but not quite there.

A good, verified library -would- be nice!

Michael Lewis
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Re: Pickguard Templates

Post by Michael Lewis »

That would be a rather large library if you include all the variations over the years.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Pickguard Templates

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

Don't archivists thrive on the minutia of such things? How else could they fill the library? <g>

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