Question on old Bauer guitars

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Matthew Lau
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Question on old Bauer guitars

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Dear MIMF,

I normally avoid ebay, but I'd succumbed to the allure of an old SS Stewart guitar.

When it arrived today, I opened it to find an interesting beast:
Adirondack spruce on Braz Rosewood.
Very light, non-parallel ladder bracing. More similar to the Viennese school than the Gibson bracing.
Some metal posted tuning machines. I believe they are Waverlies.
Through simple deduction: not Gibson, not Martin, something different but well made--I presume it's made by Bauer.

Any information regarding these instruments?

I'd like to restore this guitar back to life.
Then, I'll either play it or give it a home with someone far more deserving.

Simon Magennis
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Re: Question on old Bauer guitars

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Here's a link I turned up. ... &Itemid=62

The first section gives a brief history of Stewert & Bauer.

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