Mystery Guitar Truss Rod Repair

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Andrew McSpadden
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Mystery Guitar Truss Rod Repair

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I have an unknown guitar that a customer is set on getting restored. I took the neck off and the rod fell out on the floor. There is an aluminum channel in the neck. Anyone come across this rod before and know what is in the neck before I start dissecting it? Thanks!
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Ryan Mazzocco
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Re: Mystery Guitar Truss Rod Repair

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It looks like a U-channel truss rod and the weld has broken at the headstock end.
Not sure if you can get it out... Maybe try tapping it with a bolt with a thread just big enough to bite into the aluminum and maybe you can pull it out without having to remove the fretboard. If the dimensions are the same you may be able to just get a replacement and slide it back in it's place.

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