Oak and Cedar Concert Ukulele

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Brett Sloma
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Oak and Cedar Concert Ukulele

Post by Brett Sloma »

This is my fifth ukulele. 5 completed this year. https://longfellowguitaranduke.wordpres ... /12/12/76/

Oak back, sides, and neck, White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) top. Granadillo fingerboard and bridge. This has an X braced top, and solid linings.

I'd have to say this uke is the best sounding I've made so far (it's close). It's bright and sweet, loud, rich, and just really nice.

I'm very pleasantly surprised how nice an instrument made with Oak can sound!


Thanks for stopping by.

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Bryan Bear
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Re: Oak and Cedar Concert Ukulele

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That looks great! That is a nice looking set of oak and it goes well with the tortoiseshell.

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Tom Snape
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Re: Oak and Cedar Concert Ukulele

Post by Tom Snape »

Nice! Love the look of that oak.

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Jo Dusepo
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Re: Oak and Cedar Concert Ukulele

Post by Jo Dusepo »

Great work!
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