Making a Ronroco

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Bill Simoults
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Making a Ronroco

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Hello new member as you can see and my first thread is building a Ronroco easy enough right :) ... So I know some basics for the instrument (scale length, woods etc.) but if you can provide me with any more information that can help me with the build that would be great...( my experience is a cbg so yeah...)I'm young in woodworking but i have a lot of will in me so i think i can make it...

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Jo Dusepo
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Re: Making a Ronroco

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Here are some plans: ... 3ba379.jpg

I guess in return I have to ask you... how are you intending to make the body? In the traditional manner, carved out of solid wood? Or with a flat back, chillador style? Or you could do what i do, which is to have a slightly arched back like a timple or baroque guitar?
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