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David Robinson
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I have the need to build a saz. Acoustic or electric, no matter. Does anyone have any construction tips. I have run thru all the youtube examples.
Is there any neck reinforcement? Scale info. Anyone?

Michael Lewis
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Re: Saz?

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Some years ago there was an issue of American Lutherie with an article about the saz and baglama, and I think a drawing. Check with them for a plan, I think they have one.

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Neal Carey
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Re: Saz?

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I think you're probably thinking about the Tambour plan/article from American Lutherie. It is Plan #69 which you can find at The article was in AL #120 -
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roi ventura
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Re: Saz?

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I"m looking for a book or some information for building saz

Brian Evans
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Re: Saz?

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I found this article really interesting. Has scale, neck length for the whole family of saz instruments, the tuning, and something on the fret spacing. It is just intonated, the octave is at the 15th fret. ... lama_scale


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