Chinese Zither

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Roger Rosenberger
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Chinese Zither

Post by Roger Rosenberger »

Has anyone here ever built such a thing? Or know where I could find plans? I would like to try it.

Michael Lewis
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Re: Chinese Zither

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A general term is "guzheng", and there are several variations and sizes. Do you know what size or style you want to make? You can see some on eBay of all places.

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: Chinese Zither

Post by Clay Schaeffer »

A more contemporary piece played on the gu zheng:

The Japanese koto, Korean gayageum, and Vietnamese dan tranh are similar instruments.

Craig Cowing
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Re: Chinese Zither

Post by Craig Cowing »

I'm coming close to finishing mine. I'll post some pics when it's done.

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