School violin setups

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Mark Wybierala
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School violin setups

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I've encounter a conflict between the general measurements found in texts for string clearance at the end of a fretboard when the violin teachers apply position marker tape. Mostly for just the E-string. How do other folks who routinely setup school instruments view this? I don't apply these positions markers myself. Sometimes these teachers use a fairly heavy tape. Thoughts?

What is the general goal of these markers? Are they simply to provide a visual reference or, do the teachers want these markers to act like "almost frets" because often they do. I could apply a thin line of lacquer that would not result in as large of an elevation. Thoughts?

Clay Schaeffer
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Re: School violin setups

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I'm sure they are just applying them as a visual reference as to where to place the fingers. I doubt they give any consideration to how it affects the set up of the instrument. Getting the the student to place his fingers in approximately the right place would be the primary goal.

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