The Journey Begins!

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Steve Branam
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The Journey Begins!

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Here's a blog post following up on my previous post about first glue up with a lot more details: ... hiery.html

Chet Bishop
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Re: The Journey Begins!

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I think you will find this a very satisfying build. I usually recommend that people begin with Henry Strobel's book, Violin Making, Step by Step, just because it is very straightforward instruction, and it sticks to traditional methods, not veering off into "here's and easy way to...", when the right way (getting right results) is the traditional way. But there are many ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. Videos can be inspiring and helpful. There are better (and much more expensive) books.

Henry's books include patterns, while some do not. It all depends on what a person wants to accomplish. I think they are a bargain, at around $30

You write an entertaining blog. I enjoy reading and vicariously experiencing your joy of discovery.

Press on!
Chet Bishop
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