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Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:41 pm
by Joel Kennedy
Subject: Head Luthier at Kennedy Violins
We are looking for an energetic addition to the Kennedy Violins team! Your work environment will often be fast paced but relaxed, friendly and team oriented. We are constantly growing, and we are primarily focused on constant improvement and the future. Everybody is a part of the decision process. We need smart people! Position is primarily a lead luthier/instrument set up and repair position. You will be responsible for a variety of tasks that include but are not limited to the following items:  1. Leading our skilled luthier team at local violin store that services the local community as well as nationally (website). You will be responsible for providing high quality Instrument set up and repair as well as assisting with packing up instruments to be shipped around the country.

2.  Leadership skills will be important as well as the ability to work with a team.  You will often be in the position of teaching and guiding fellow luthiers.  

3.  Attending shows, concerts, conventions and any other venues in which Kennedy Violins sponsors and participates.

4.  At this time, this is slated to be a full time position.  At the interview, we will ask about your preference for hours. The nature of every position at Kennedy Violins is dynamic. Any applicant has to assume that every day can be something a little different, and the applicant must be flexible and have a positive, energetic attitude.  Please only apply if: --You are at least 21 years of age. --Have your own reliable means of transportation.  --Have experience as a luthier on bowed stringed instruments.   --You want to impact positive change in the classical landscape of America by offering the highest quality stringed instruments and superior customer service.

Starting pay is hourly ($16-20/hour) based on experience.  Please inquire further for more details. Some benefits of the job include but are not limited to:
--Yearly raises 
--Pizza Fridays!
--Very flexible time off especially during slow season
--10 days paid vacation
--You only pay our cost for items you purchase through KV
--Access to premium luthier tools
--Commission paid on any items sold
--Health benefits that have the options of: 1.  Our choice of plan for a single person.  Will provide details upon request. or 2.  We pay 50% co-pay on your insurance (up to two people). We must see plan before approving. or  3. 20 days paid vacation instead of 10

Please inquire by email at or fill out online application at ... scription/ Thank you!  Location: 508 SE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98683 1 800 779 0242

Re: Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:16 am
by Chet Bishop
From your website, it looks as though you deal primarily with factory that true, or am I missing something? A "real luthier" is going to want to work with good instruments, and it looks as though you only have fairly low-end factory stuff. Maybe I am missing something on your website?

Well-- I did miss a page...but still I only see factory stuff. Are you dealing with luthier-made instruments as well?

Re: Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:25 am
by Chet Bishop
Well, I see one is only allowed to edit for a short time-- I regret my choice of words, above:
"A "real luthier" is going to want to work with good instruments..."

I have no doubt that all the instruments you sell are high-quality, at least within their price-range, and that you would not sell anything that could hurt your reputation.

My question was related to orchestral instruments as might be used by, say, very advanced students or budding professionals...or higher. Perhaps they are simply not on your website...or maybe it is my limited computer savvy. On the other hand perhaps that is simply your target market.

I trust you will find the person you are looking for.

Re: Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:31 pm
by Joel Kennedy
Hey there Chet,

Yes, there are a many details regarding the product line up and you've touched on a few of them. We have a very busy and successful online business where we sell thousands of instruments per year and since we are all professional players and teachers, we focus on having the best quality instruments available at a given price point. We also have one of the largest brick and mortar violin shops in the Pacific Northwest, so we serve more than one demographic. In general, people do not purchase 10K instruments over the internet, so the internet market is mostly student model instruments. However, even though the price point is low for many of the instruments most of our instruments are made in small workshops, instead of the giant Chinese factories. That being said, there is a lot of repetitive luthier tasks every day because of the volume of instruments we sell and also do to the fact that every instrument is custom set up before it is sent to our customers around the country. The higher end instruments are mostly relegated to our brick and mortar shop, repairs that come in and the restoration that we perform on consignment instruments that are of somewhat high value. Anybody who takes the lead luthier position at Kennedy Violins, would have to have a very open mind to working on a wide variety of instruments and would be benefited greatly on a passion with working with wood, no matter if it's a student instrument or a professional one. We have made it our goal to make playing a quality instrument a possibility for every child who wants to learn. In my years of playing the viola, I've seen many adults who regretted not playing a stringed instrument as a child and were unable to because of the financial position of their parents. I want to change that one instrument at a time.

Thanks for your inquiry and stop by the shop sometime!

Joel Kennedy

Re: Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:39 pm
by Chet Bishop
Thanks for the very gracious response, Joel.

Your points about the dichotomy between brick & mortar shops and the internet are well-taken. I'm glad to know you have other levels of instruments to offer.

I think I would like to stop by the shop, as you suggested. I will call first, so as not to come at an inconvenient time.

Re: Luthier Position available at Kennedy Violins

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:48 pm
by Joel Kennedy
Come by anytime! We always have people here 8-6 M-F and Sat 10-4.