Learning material

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James Rugby
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Learning material

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Hello all I've just bought a acoustic cello and in the process of making a e-cello.

I am going to have lessons but they wont start until after the summer holidays

I would like to buy some material to get me started, books, cd, dvd's and even youtube advice but there are so many out there and a lot of material that is no good

I have started buying books, well just one at the moment and also downloaded the first 5 video lessons from this man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eySmCWYBlnU

what are your view on that above material for learning from O'and the book I've bought is Strings in steps book 1

My goal for this year is to play a duet with my son (clarinet) or even play moonlight sonata


Stephen Bacon
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Re: Learning material

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The Suzuki book one is good because it comes with a CD to work with. The visuals on utube are recommended as well. String is fine.

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