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Neiko chisel set

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:37 am
by Dennis Weaver
Neiko 9-Piece Heavy Duty Wood Carving Chisels, Chrome Vanadium Bits, Aluminum Storage Case Set

I bought the set at about 6 months ago. I used them for guitar braces and a large chisel for uneven floor joists in attic that needed trimming before putting plywood down.

They are a Marples design knock off but not quite as nice as Marples.

I am saying I recommend them for the people who do not want to spend a lot on tools. I know you can buy a single chisel for 100s if you want to!!!

My friend who, makes knives, said Chrome Vanadium is good!

Another mention is if you never tried one- Japanese pull saws are a great tool! Woodcraft sells a a Gyokucho Razorsaw S-610 which is a budget one. I got mine there cheap on one of their sales.