ES 175 rosewood bridge

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Tom Lazouras
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ES 175 rosewood bridge

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I’m in the process of upgrading my Epi ES 175 and am in need of an undrilled rosewood base to accommodate the posts for the Gibson ABR 1 historic tom. I’ve tried online resources but all bases are predrilled and diameters larger than Gibson posts, as is my Epi rosewood base. Any suggestions appreciated...

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Barry Daniels
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Re: ES 175 rosewood bridge

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Get one of the available bridges, plug it with a hardwood dowel, then re-drill and thread to the size you need.
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Alan Carruth
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Re: ES 175 rosewood bridge

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When you fit the bridge to the top, try to get it set at a slight back angle, so that the line of the bridge posts bisects the break angle. This will minimize the tipping force on the top of the bridge, and help keep those small diameter posts from working loose.

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