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Hi all

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:31 am
by Ian Precious

Not new to this forum, had an account some years ago.

Went to college at 18 through to 22 doing an electronic instrument technology course. Now 47.

My career took me in the route of IT, I got married, had kids, lived life, got ill, seperated, divorced, feeling better now and am back to luthiery.

I have made two guitars, a Musicman Stingray, at college and a Telecaster (2x HB, trem, all black hardware - very metal.)

I am currently making a Standard Butterscotch Telecaster (I had all the hardware, nearing done) and a Les Paul Goldtop (just starting the body routes.)

I currently don't have a method for making necks so am buying and building around them.

Next up a Jaguar, which I aim to make the neck from scratch.

Then a Les Paul Junior double-cut.

I am a mobile engineer for a large worldwide tech leader, which takes me away from home sometimes.

I am also a football fan, Luton Town till I die, and into the usual tech guy stuff - SciFi movies, fantasy stuff (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead etc.) and musically I am all over the place - going to see Ritchie Ramone again this week AWESOME!!

Rock on.

Re: Hi all

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:21 pm
by Jim McConkey
Welcome back, Ian!