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Postby curtis paul chun » Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:38 pm

hi everyone, my name is curtis and i joined today to obtain assistance for some phosphor bronze string acoustic guitar concerns.
i may as well post them here now:
1. can i carve from seasoned bamboo mat'l a 16" radius curvature capo, then adhere thin buna-N mat'l as the buffer, notch both outboard ends of the bamboo to engage the pure silicon elastic wristwatch band for clamp pressure? buna-N is almost as soft as bicycle inner tube mat'l, it recovers completely even if you dent it for a prolonged period of time, thicker buna-N will afford greater forgiveness on inappropriate user defined elastic clamp pressure, but weight increases. i visioned this endeavor because i wanted a non metal capo, you know how it is, accidentally dropping it (dings) on pavement or on the spruce soundboard. what's critical is to have the arc 16" uniformly apply pressure to all and of the appropriate amount of pressure. there are graphite composite mat'ls used for hi-strength applications where minimal weight is paramount, but the mold process requires high temp and high inject pressure, we don't have this capability at our home.
2. the second concern, has anybody had success utilizing the women's nail and or the dentist's uv cured resins? i attempted filling fret grooves this way averting machining all frets or single fret replacement. my dentist swore that the modern resins are extremely wear resistant (chewing rock candy?), so i purchased the sufficient power uv diode and crystal clear resin from communist china very cheap and jury-rigged the pulse power supply using odds and ends. what i discovered was layer upon layer application stages was the way to do it because once overbuild occurs you must machine trueness, exactly what was intentionally suppose to be circumvented. my concern is whether or not this approach is futile (avert machining altogether) from a standpoint of reaping the benefits - were legacy restoration practices used, the results would be well worthwhile. recall it's a lot of skilled work to level all frets then crown them, the possibilities of screwups if novice is real.
3. last concern, has anyone tried using nylon washers as ball end termination anchors on the underside of the bridgepin holes? this approach substantially reduces mass since all pins are gone. i don't know whether designers intended such mass removal as it pertains to tonal sound signature value.
curtis paul chun
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